We discovered the Bengals fifteen years ago as we were looking for a new family member. We were immediately drawn to their amazing wild cat appearance. Once you have a Bengal cat as a pet, there is nothing like it. As years passed, we decided to dedicate our self to breeding these beautiful cats. With careful research of traits and blood lines we have selected the finest examples from international breeders, our most recent addition to the family is Maple, formally known as “Dutch Delight” that we picked up personally all the way from Holland. Our objective is to use our knowledge and experience to raise these beauties in a healthy and loving environment that will give you the opportunity to bring one of these exceptional cats into your family.

The Bengal's fur, also referred to as his pelt, is luxuriously soft and silky to the touch, and does not shed as much as a typical house cat's fur. ...

Bengal coats come in two basic patterns: spotted or rosette, and a marbled pattern of one or more colors swirled into the background coat color. A Bengal cat's fur is very soft and short. It feels much like a rabbit's, like polished fur.

Glitter Coat - Most Bengal's are bred with a glitter coat which looks just like someone has got a handful of gold glitter and sprinkled it over. The glitter gene is said to have come from a foundation cat called "Millwood Tory of Delhi" which Jean Mill found in India. The same effect appears on snow Bengal's looking more like a pearl dust.

we are TICA & CFA registered Bengal Breeders

Dedicated to the Healthy Legacy of the beautiful Bengal Cat

We have dedicated a lot of time and effort to create the cleanest and healthiest environment possible for our cats, from the hospital style flooring and HEPA air filtration in our dedicated stud and breeding room to the multitude of indoor and outdoor areas for them to socialize with each others as well as us. By hand raising these beauties in a family home setting the new owners can be assured that they will have a close relationship with their Bengal cat.

Of course, all our cats get regular vet visits and all kittens get all required shots and testing before leaving for their new home.

Commercial cat food is often based on indigestible fillers and other things that may cause urinary tract infection and other risks, we know the importance to feed them properly with raw recipes that provided all the nutrients needed since a balanced diet is a core for healthy cat.

Do mention “Domestic”, “Well-bred”, “Purposefully bred”, ”Beautiful”, “Exotic”, “Fun”, “Loving”, “Toilet Paper Destroyer” and all the other aspects that inform and describe the joys of loving a Bengal Cat.

The modern Bengal Cat is a true masterpiece of nature, science, art and human endeavor that each Bengal Cat lover plays an important part.