We strive to provide the best and most healthy environments


Commercial cat food is often based on indigestible fillers and other things that may cause urinary tract infection and other risks, we know the importance to feed them properly with raw recipes that provided all the nutrients needed since a balanced diet is a core for healthy cat.  


We built our breeding rooms with cutting edge technology, so our Bengal will enjoy the cleanest air possible and special floor designed that keeps odour free and surfaces sanitized, All the material on walls and floors are easy to clean, controlling what the male Bengal will spray, all our spaces have AC and are convenient to supervise our cats activities. 


In our home, we have the best interior and outdoors design for our Bengals, we build specialized rooms dedicated to their living and entertainment, Distribution varies from equipped cat rooms, Playgrounds and Outdoors cabanas, we aim to grow our cats on optimal conditions with plenty of space so they can walk around, jump and exploring.